What Shoes Do The Usos Wear

The Usos, Jimmy and Jey Uso, are one of the most popular tag teams in WWE today. Their signature look features unique, stylish wrestling boots.

Who are The Usos?

The Usos are twin brothers Jimmy and Jey Uso, part of the famous Anoaʻi wrestling family. They were born in 1985 in San Francisco and grew up in a wrestling family, as sons of WWE legend Rikishi.

The Usos debuted in WWE in 2009, originally portraying stereotypical “islander” characters. But they came into their own when they adopted their current urban street style gimmick in 2013.

Since then, their unique look and electrifying energy in the ring has made them one of the most popular tag teams in WWE. They are five-time Tag Team Champions and their exciting high flying moves, dances and chants get crowds amped up.

The Usos’ Wrestling Background

The Usos were trained in wrestling by their uncles and WWE legends The Wild Samoans in a family warehouse ring. They started wrestling in 2005 on the independent circuit as The Fatu Brothers.

The brothers got their WWE break when they competed in Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s developmental territory, from 2007 to 2009. There, they honed their tag team skills and created their “Uso” identity.

When The Usos debuted on WWE TV in 2009, their character was originally an over-the-top stereotypical islander gimmick, managed by Tamina Snuka. But this gimmick never fully connected with audiences.

Their career really took off when they adopted their current urban street style look and energy in 2013.

The Usos’ Signature Look and Attire

The Usos’ signature look features face and body paint, wrestling trunks, knee pads, kick pads and unique stylish wrestling boots. Their outfits incorporate vivid colors, patterns and their “Uso” logo.

The Usos also do an entertaining dance and chant routine on their way to the ring, energizing crowds. Their look and attitude sets them apart from more serious tag teams.

While some find their rowdy urban style annoying, most fans are entertained by their colorful personalities. Their attire reflects their high energy in-ring style of flying splashes, suplexes and near falls.

Face Paint

The Usos wear vivid, detailed face and body paint with different designs for each match. Their signature colors are black, white, red and sometimes blue. The designs often incorporate tribal patterns and their “Uso” logo. Jimmy’s face paint is usually more symmetrical while Jey’s is more free-flowing.

The paint conveys their warrior spirit and reminds fans of their Samoan heritage. It also gives them an intimidating but stylish look when staring down opponents. Some fans get their faces painted like The Usos when attending shows to support them.

The Usos’ iconic face paint designs are now a key part of their brand and selling merchandise like shirts and Halloween costumes.

Wrestling Trunks

Like many wrestlers, The Usos wear short, tight fitting wrestling trunks in the ring. This traditional gear allows maximum movement and showcases their impressive physiques. Their trunks feature their “Uso” logo and bright colors that match their face paint.

Jimmy’s are often red and black while Jey’s feature more blue and green. The colors help fans distinguish between the near-identical twins. The Usos will also sometimes coordinate their trunks with their face paint colors for a cohesive look.

And their trunks will feature cool patterns, like camo, stripes and Polynesian tribal designs. The customized trunks and colors help The Usos stand out from other tag teams who wear basic black trunks.

Knee Pads

Like most wrestlers, The Usos wear protective knee pads for their matches. But they customize their knee pads to match their stylish look. Their knee pads feature their “Uso” logo prominently on the front in white.

The dominant background colors match their trunks and face paint, with Jimmy in red and Jey in shades of blue. The knee pads have a McDavid hex padded design to protect their knees when flying around the ring. The Usos likely have input into their knee pad designs.

The customized logo, colors and patterns help make the knee pads feel like an extension of their overall look. And matching knee pads are important for synchronized tag team maneuvers.

Kick Pads

Their “Uso” logo appears prominently on the front in white. Jimmy’s will feature red flames while Jey’s have blue tropical flower designs. The flames and flowers mirror their face paint designs. The kick pads help protect their legs during matches without restricting movement.

The Usos wear unique kick pads on their lower legs that extend from their knees to their boots. Kick pads protect their legs when delivering kicks or leg drops. The Usos’ kick pads are always designed to match their trunks and knee pads, usually in red and blue.

They also complete The Usos’ stylish look, connecting their knee pads to their boots seamlessly. Fans can buy replicas of their customized kick pads to show Uso support.


The Usos’ signature high top wrestling boots are a key part of their unique look. While many wrestlers wear black boots, The Usos sport brightly colored footwear to match their attire. Jimmy’s boots feature red flames and accents, while Jey’s are blue and green with tropical flowers.

Their boots incorporate their “Uso” logo prominently on the sides or tongue. The Usos’ boot designs change periodically but always coordinate with their colorful outfits. Their stylish boots help them stand out from other teams in distinctive Usos fashion.

When fans see those red and blue boots flying off the top rope, they know high-energy Uso action is coming! The Usos likely have significant input into their custom boot designs and breaking from black boot tradition is part of their innovative style.

The Usos’ Boots – Key Features and Brands

The Usos wear stylish, high-top wrestling boots with unique accents and design features. Their boots are created by major wrestling gear brands like Asics, Adidas and Nike. The boots have a high-top design reaching above their ankles for maximum support and stability in the ring.

They feature decorative stitching and logos that complement their face paint. The Usos are currently wearing custom Asics Split Second 9 boots, with a split toe design for flexibility. Their boots feature vivid colors, flames, flower designs, and their “Uso” logo proudly displayed.

The athletic shoe-style boot silhouette and flashy colors provides agility and reflects their high-energy personalities. The Usos likely have significant input into their boot designs with the major brands. Their custom boots have become signature icons of their style.

High-Top Design

The Usos wear high-top wrestling boots that extend above their ankles, unlike shorter boots some wrestlers prefer. The high-top design provides more ankle support and stability which is important for their action-packed moveset.

The extra support reduces the risk of ankle injuries when jumping off the ropes or taking bumps. The high-top silhouette also gives their boots a stylish, statement-making look that stands out. Long flying fringe tassels hang off the back of their boots, flowing as they run the ropes.

And their flexible split-toe design allows for freedom of movement. The high-top boots complement their athletic in-ring style while supporting their ankles. Their custom logo designs decorated on the high-tops complete their distinctive look.

Decorative Stitching

The Usos’ boots feature decorative stitching and logos that complement their attire. Jimmy’s boots have red flame designs stitched on the sides and back. Jey’s feature blue and green floral stitching.

Their customary “Uso” logo appears prominently stitched on the sides or tongue of the boots in white. The decorative stitching accents make their boots true one-of-a-kind originals. The designs likely reflect their own ideas and personalities.

There is also stitching and logos of their shoe brands like Asics visible on the heels or sides. The unique stitches give texture, depth and personality to their footwear. They also can serve as identifiers to fans watching the boots fly off the top ropes.

Custom decorative stitching is key to making their wrestling boots special signature gear for The Usos.

Popular Brands

The Usos have worn wrestling boots from major athletic brands like Asics, Nike and Adidas. These companies specialize in performance athletic footwear perfect for the ring. Asics currently seems to be their go-to brand. They both recently debuted new custom Split Second 9 boots from Asics.

In the past, Jimmy wore Nike Troopers while Jey wore Nike Fighting Boots and Adidas wrestling boots. But they always coordinate to have cohesive designs. The major brand quality ensures durability to withstand their fast-paced matches. And the athletic silhouettes provide agility and flexibility.

The brands likely work directly with The Usos to make their vision come to life. The Usos’ popularity gets the brands exposure. Custom boots help them stand out as eccentric tag team stars. So it’s a win-win partnership between The Usos and athletic shoe companies.

Why Their Choice of Boots Works In-Ring

The Usos’ choice of colorful, high-top wrestling boots perfectly matches their in-ring style. The athletic shoe-style silhouette and split-toe design allows for quickness and agility when running the ropes or flying through the air.

The high-top cut provides crucial ankle support and stability during matches, reducing injury risk. The vibrant colors and decorative logos look exciting flying off the top turnbuckle during splashes. Yet the boots remain functional for any wrestling moves.

The Usos’ input into the designs ensures the boots suit their needs in the ring. Their footwear helps them dance around opponents with flair. Fans can instantly recognize The Usos by their colorful boots and flying fringe tassels.

So their custom wrestling boots are the perfect choice for their fast-paced athletic style and high-flying tag team techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of boots do The Usos wear?

Currently, they wear customized Asics Split Second 9 wrestling boots. They’ve also worn Nike and Adidas.

What colors and designs are on their boots?

Jimmy’s boots feature red flames while Jey’s are blue with tropical flower designs. They coordinate with their face paint.

Why do they wear high-top boots?

The Usos likely provide input to designers at the major athletic brands they partner with.

Who designs their custom boots?

The Usos likely provide input to designers at the major athletic brands they partner with.

Where can I buy Uso-style boots?

Fans can purchase replicas of their Asics boots to show Uso support.


With their flashy colors, cool designs and flying fringe tassels, The Usos’ custom wrestling boots complete their daring high-flying style and unique look. Their boots help make The Usos one of WWE’s most colorful and exciting tag teams.

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