What Color Sandals Go With Everything: Fashion Tips 2023

Regarding footwear, sandals are a versatile and comfortable choice for any occasion. But what color sandals should you choose to ensure they go with everything in your wardrobe?

This fashion guide explores the versatility of eight popular sandal colors: Tan or Beige, White, Nude, Metallic, Black, Light Gray, Blush Pink, and Brown.

Uncover the art of blending these captivating shades into your wardrobe, allowing you to curate breathtaking ensembles suitable for any event.

These colorful sandals are the perfect accompaniment, whether you’re adorning yourself for a memorable occasion or a relaxed outing.

Tan or Beige Sandals

Tan or beige sandals are the epitome of versatility. Their earthy tones blend with various outfits, making them a go-to choice for any fashionista.

Pair them with floral sundresses for a casual daytime look, or dress them up with a chic maxi dress for an evening soirée.

From denim shorts to tailored trousers, tan or beige sandals elevate your style without stealing the spotlight from your ensemble.

Their neutral hue creates an illusion of elongated legs, making them flattering and adaptable for various occasions.

Invest in a quality pair of tan or beige sandals, and you’ll have a fashion staple that stands the test of time.

White Sandals

Nothing exudes summery elegance like a pair of crisp white sandals. These pristine beauties can elevate any outfit, from casual to dressy.

Create a clean, polished look by pairing white sandals with a flowy white dress or sleek jumpsuit. Team them with light-washed jeans and a colorful blouse for a more laid-back vibe.

The contrast of white sandals against a summer tan adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. keep them clean and fresh to maintain their stunning appeal.

White sandals are an excellent investment for those who want to look chic while embracing the essence of summer.

Nude Sandals

If you’re seeking sandals that blend with your skin tone, look no further than nude sandals. These understated shoes provide a subtle and sophisticated touch to any outfit.

Nude sandals are versatile, ideal for creating a long-legged illusion when paired with skirts or dresses. Opt for a strappy design to add a touch of femininity, or choose a block heel for extra comfort and stability.

From casual jeans to formal cocktail dresses, nude sandals are the perfect option when you want your footwear to fade into the background, allowing your clothing to take center stage.

Metallic Sandals

Add a touch of glamour to your outfit with metallic sandals, which exude a luxurious and eye-catching appeal. These sandals can elevate your look for any event or celebration and are available in silver, gold, rose gold, or bronze.

Pair gold metallic sandals with a sleek black dress for a stunning and attention-grabbing ensemble for a night out. Or embrace a bohemian vibe by wearing silver metallic sandals with a flowy maxi dress and some statement jewelry.

Metallic sandals’ beauty is in their ability to transition from daytime to nighttime. Wear them with jeans and a simple top during the day, and switch to a glamorous gown or cocktail dress in the evening.

Metallic sandals are the perfect choice to stand out and make a stylish statement.

Black Sandals

Black sandals are the epitome of timeless elegance and are a must-have in any shoe collection. Their classic appeal and versatility make them suitable for almost any occasion.

Match them with anything from floral prints to bold colors for a chic and sophisticated look. Flat black sandals are perfect for casual outings, while heeled options add a touch of refinement to dressier ensembles.

When in doubt, black sandals are your fail-safe choice, ensuring you’re always on-trend and polished.

Light Gray Sandals

For a unconventional but stylish option, consider light gray sandals. These muted tones offer a unique touch of sophistication to your outfits.

Lightweight gray sandals work with pastel shades and softer hues, creating a harmonious and balanced look. They also pair well with darker tones, providing a pleasing contrast.

Whether attending a garden party or heading to the office, light gray sandals offer an understated charm that sets you apart from the crowd.

Blush Pink Sandals

Blush pink sandals are the embodiment of femininity and romance. Their soft and delicate hue adds a touch of subtle elegance to any outfit.

Pair them with flowy skirts, lace dresses, or tailored pants for a chic and sophisticated appearance. Blush pink sandals complement floral prints, adding a touch of dreamy allure to your ensemble.

From day to night, these sandals transition between casual and formal events, making them an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

Brown Sandals

Brown sandals exude warmth and earthiness, making them versatile for various occasions. Their natural tones harmonize well with boho-chic ensembles, such as maxi dresses, crochet tops, and fringed accessories.

Embrace the laid-back vibe of brown sandals by pairing them with denim cutoffs and flowy blouses. Opt for a more polished look for brown leather sandals that pair with tailored pieces and sundresses.

The neutral warmth of brown sandals complements a broad spectrum of colors, making them a reliable go-to for summer adventures.

Can you wear sandals with formal attire?

Hey there, fashion enthusiasts! We’ve all been there – staring at our collection of striking sandals while figuring out if we can pull off that formal look without sacrificing comfort. Well, good news – you totally can!

Gone are the days when sandals were just beach buddies. With the right style and attitude, you can rock a pair with your snazzy formal attire.

Picture this: a sleek pair of leather sandals adding a dash of sophistication to your crisp dress pants or a cute sundress.

Just remember to keep the vibes coordinated – opt for sandals in neutral tones or classic black for a polished touch.

Ensure your nails are tidy, too – those open-toed wonders will draw some attention! So, strut your stuff confidently, and let those sandals make a statement about your style that’s as effortless as a summer breeze.

Sandal time! Check out some of the most fabulous styles you can rock this year:

Black flatforms: These are like flat sandals with thick soles. They’re comfy and relaxed; you can wear them from morning to night.

Clogs: Clogs are not just for gardening anymore! They’re super trendy right now, and you can find them with a platform or a wedge heel for some extra oomph.

Fisherman sandals: These are like the sandals your grandpa used to wear, but way more relaxed. They have a lot of straps and buckles, and they give your look some edge.

Wedges: Wedges are always a good choice for summer and are even more popular this year. Go for wedges in bright colours or fun prints to stand out.

Dad’s sandals: Dad’s sandals are back and chill as ever. Look for dad sandals with a chunky sole and a comfy footbed for maximum comfort.

So those are some of the hottest sandal trends for 2023. Which ones do you want to try?


In conclusion, the versatility of color sandals knows no bounds, as evident from the rich array of options available.

Tan or beige sandals exude elegance, while white sandals bring a fresh and clean vibe to any look. Nude sandals act as the ultimate neutral, and metallic sandals add a touch of glamour and luxury.

Black sandals remain timeless and reliable, while light gray sandals offer a modern twist. Blush pink sandals exude delicate femininity, and brown sandals bring a warm and earthy charm.

No matter your style or occasion, these color sandals can elevate your outfit and make a fashion statement that is yours.

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